Thursday, March 17, 2011

Pre Op physical

We found out last week that Ariana needs to have ear tubes put in. She had a double ear infection back in September and she's had fluid in her ears ever since. She's had another ear infection since, and with all the fluid in her ears the doctor said she's not hearing as well as she could be. Our pediatrician sent us to an ENT (ear, nose, throat doctor) for a second opinion and a hearing test.  The ENT said Ari's hearing was "on the lower end of average" and confirmed that tubes were probably our best option.

Things will be pretty hectic for us in the next few weeks so when they said they had an opening Thursday the 17th we booked it figuring it would be easier to get everything done right away. Especially knowing she's not hearing that well! So her surgery is scheduled for 7:45am Thursday, 3/17 at Minneapolis Children's Hospital. The actual procedure is only about 15 minutes, but we have to check in at 6:15...AM. UGH!

We had to have a pre op physical done on Tuesday to make sure Ari's got a clean bill of health...

Clean bill of health! Better call and tell Daddy!
WHAT?! This paper says I won't
be able to eat until after surgery?!?!
HUH? I can have milk and a snack right afterwards? Well...

...Well, ok then. I'm down with getting tubes. Let's rock out of the doctor's office mom!!