Monday, December 20, 2010

December 11 - bLiZzArD!!!

Saturday the 11th we had one of the biggest blizzards in 20 years - nearly 2 feet of snow! Jordan spent a majority of they weekend plowing, but we saw him for a little bit. We were pretty much snowed in and couldn't go anywhere so when daddy was home for a little while we decided to make the best of it and get out and play!

Snow princess!!

December 9th - Putting the Christmas tree up!

We spent the evening decorating our Christmas tree - Ari had a lot of fun taking all the ornaments out of the boxes. She definitely liked tasting them!

December 4th - Baby Carter

A few weeks ago Ari and I got to go hang out with Baby Carter (he is my friend Chelsey's little boy). Chelsey and her husband Mike went to his work Christmas party so Ari and I came over to play. Carter was rockin the Bumbo seat while Ari played with his toys. She had a blast! Carter was infatuated with the Christmas tree the entire night!

November - Happy Birthdy Canon and Ashton!

We had a birthday party for our nephews Canon and Ashton the weekend of Thanksgiving. Their real birthdays are in the begining of December, but we decided to have the party since Jodie, Chad and Ashton were home for the holiday. Ashton loves firetrucks, so we had a firetruck themed party!
The Fire Chief!

Canon and Ari! Ari LOVES Canon - he can always make her laugh
One of the birthday boys! Ashton with his firetruck from Auntie Jana and Uncle Jim.
Ari loved the firetruck Grandpa and Grandma James had gotten for Ashton...

November 26th - 10 Months

We have been taking pictures of Ari in this chair since we brought her hom from the hospital! This is her 10 month pictures!

Thanksgiving in Iowa

This year we went to my Grandma Marie's in Iowa for Thanksgiving. We hadn't been down there for 4 years so it was fun to get to see everyone again and introduce them to Ariana. My sister Holly drove from Kentucky with her 2 kids. Ari had a great time playing with her cousins! It was a quick trip - just 2 days - but we had fun!

Madison feeding baby Ariana...
Ari and Madison playing in the kitchen...
Me and my babe!
Our little turkey!

November - Lunch with Lori

My cousins Lorraine, Michelle, and Ari and I went out to lunch with my Aunt Lori. We went to Bucca De Bepo in Maple Grove - the food was great! It was nice to get out and hang out with just the girls. Ariana was having issues getting her puffs in her mouth with her hand so she just resorted to licking them off the table...

Me, Lorraine and Michelle
Lorraine and Michelle and our AMAZING dessert!